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In the past quarter we have had the privilege to work with many new clients.  We have had the opportunity to work with suppliers who are offering new and updated products to keep the look fresh and modern.  Blog_02

We have noticed that the #OfficeFurniture industry is busy and in high demand for those that bring new and exciting ideas to the market.  Our job is to keep abreast of those office design trends and introduce them to our Clients to see where there is a good fit.

We have decided to do this blog about places and office designs that we feel strongly represent a progressive company’s image.

These may or may not be your “style” but with a small twist we promise to make it perfect for you.  Sometimes with a bit of color added or taken away it can make the look totally yours!


With spectacular designs in office planning and furniture styles, we invite you to check out some of the places we deem to be amazing!  Which one looks most like the representation of your perfect office image?


Fall Trends 2014 | Commercial Design Control Inc.

And here it is, another Fall Season is upon us and just like every other season, it’s time to give your office space a #SeasonalUpgrade! … No I’m not telling you to go out and spend $10,000 on brand new #OfficeFurniture but I am suggesting a few simple ways to upgrade your office for a more inviting look for the upcoming Fall season.

Warm Colours, Warm Woods, Perfect for Fall

Warm Colours, Warm Woods, Perfect for Fall

One of the easiest ways to upgrade an office is just by changing the colours.  That’s right, whether it’s the paint or the seating or the accessories, by choosing a warmer colour for the fall season it makes it much trendier.

The reason why you should do a #SeasonalUpgrade you ask?  Well, when a new client or reoccurring client comes to visit your office it’s always nice to impress, just like with your wardrobe.  In today’s work world it’s all about looks, and yes, this includes your #OfficeFurniture, that is why, here at Commercial Design Control Inc. we agree that it doesn’t hurt to add a little warmth with the upcoming fall season.


Three Woods, Different Levels, Reception Area

Another great reason to keep your office up-to-date with the trends of the season is to attract the employee-type you want to work with/for you.  If you want to have a modern style to represent you then you must show that with the office space you present to future employees.   This way you will be able to maintain a staff that you feel confident to work with.

Key Area to Update Seasonally?  In our opinion the main area within an office, to keep up to date especially with #SeasonalTrends is the #ReceptionDesk.  Why you ask?  In order to truly present a company the way you want it to be seen you must show off to the clients the second they walk in the door.  By using small accidents and feature pieces you are able to make your office #SeanalTrend ready!

Collaboration in the Work Place | Commercial Design Control Inc.

Today’s work place is all about connecting and collaborating with those around you, it is no longer about the individuality of working alone in a cubical.  Modern offices have welcomed the open concept to their environment and by doing so have started a whole new trend in #collaborating and connecting of information and ideas.

Yes, we know that collaboration is an essential part of developing new ideas or problem solving with visuals, but scheduling a formal meeting place with a board room table and whiteboard, is being replaced with a comfortable couch or stool with a flat screen or smart board.

Meeting spaces in today’s office are about small semi-private areas that allow information and ideas to flow with connectable visual aids that are easy to use for all levels of users.   Having an open area to collaborate in an informal surrounding allows co-workers to feel less pressure and results in more confidence when it comes to sharing ideas that are ”outside the box”.

Perks involved with the new trend of open concept collaboration spaces are that you are able to share technology in a relaxed and comfortable setting.  No more cords and cables dangling from tables or trying to find or figure out which plugs will get you connected.  It is all about fast and easy access with connectivity and display at your fingertips.

Comfort, style, connectivity and secured storage using the Artopex Downtown series is one of the best things to hit the #CommercialOfficeDesign since the arrival of the computer!

cropped-collaborative-space-08.jpgCollaborative space 06  Collaborative space 10 Collaborative space 11  Collaborative space 09Collaborative space 17

Commercial Design Control gets new Website


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Commercial Design Control gets new Website

page from new site

Commercial Design Control Inc is proud to release their new website. The website shows latest trends in office furniture equipment from workstations to private offices to IT boardroom and conference training.  To see modern open concept work spaces for your office visit

Space Planning for Commercial Office Interiors


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BlogPost_0714Space Planning for Commercial Office Interiors provides a thorough and insightful look at the entire process of space planning, from meeting the client for the first time to delivering a beautifully rendered and creative space plan that addresses all of that client s needs. At we take our clients through a step-by-step method
that includes establishing the client’s requirements, developing and translating ideas into design concepts, drafting layouts, and ultimately combining these layouts into well-organized, effective floor plans replete with offices, workstations, support rooms, and reception areas.


We review and cover issues such as circulation, spatial and square footage calculations, building codes, adaptation to exterior architecture, ceiling systems, barrier-free designs, and LEED requirements along the way.   We present and cover the key principles, processes, and tasks associated with laying out interior space to optimize the health, safety, and wellness of its occupants.

Our goal is to provide you with a well-organized, space efficient floor plan to make your business work better for you.

For more information, please call us at 905 770 6866 or visit  for a free consultation on how to improve your workspace.

Re-using Furniture to Create an Open Concept – Collaborative Work space


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Communication and Open Concept Work Spaces

Open concepts are not something new to the office scene. Going way back in time and depending on the business large offices featured multiple desks crammed into a single big room. Partitioned offices were reserved for the boss who sat, usually in a sunny perimeter spot if one was available, overlooking their employees who were crammed together in bull pen fashion in the center of the space.  What drove the open concept in the good old days however, were the limitations of the furniture systems and the spaces they occupied. Communication was regulated by the boss who either allowed employees to speak to each other or came down hard on employees seen talking to their neighbors.

First Generation Open Concept

First Generation Open Concept

Times changed and office furniture designs began to incorporate systems that separated and segregated employees. High panels, lightweight and modular, became available and found their way into most office spaces usually in the service of increased privacy and reduced distraction for the employee. Privacy panels became a bit of a status symbol as well not to mention a boon to employees who – how shall we say – liked to engage in non-work related activities. Communication and collaboration between employees became an issue the bosses worried about less because the furniture took what was often viewed as a problem off their hands. But is communication and collaboration between employees a problem?

 The answer seems to be a resounding NO!

My clients are always pushing to do more with their people and I notice that collaboration is one of the tools they embrace with increasing frequency and enthusiasm. Employers, especially in companies that operate on the edge of today’s creative and information critical fields are encouraging ground level communication between employees. More and more business owners seem to know and understand and value the informal sharing of information, experience, and creative problem solving that naturally emerges when their people communicate. Clients tell me that employee learning is expanded and solidified as well and I found this very interesting. Apparently employees learn as much from each other as from what they have been taught in a training seminar and, in fact, the two learning methods seem to reinforce each other in a “whole is greater than the sum of the parts” way. By augmenting training systems with a collaborative work space clients are taking full advantage of their employee’s natural tendency to pursue usable knowledge and skills. By putting their team back into direct contact with each other employers are empowering their people and that is good for business.

If work space communication and collaboration is something you have thought about then you will not be surprised at all to see how contemporary corporate office spaces and office design has changed to facilitate in the past 5 years. In general collaborative spaces incorporate intentional design features and tools that encourage communication and collaborative activities, or at least do not inhibit those activities. Office furniture and furniture systems play an obvious and critical role in creating your new collaborative work space. Barriers are coming down in contemporary corporate office spaces, figuratively and literally, and open concept environments are making a comeback.

“Can we reconfigure existing furniture to create communication and collaboration?”

The answer is yes.

An open concept office can easily incorporate much of your existing furniture and furniture systems. Obviously you will likely need to incorporate a new design and purchase some additional product, but getting to an open concept is not difficult and won’t give you sticker shock. Here are some ideas…

First of all you have to know when and where to use the components of your existing furniture and furniture systems. Your seating can clearly be reused and with good planning much if not all of your existing surfaces and storage as well. Partition panels create a challenge but not one that should discourage you, even if you have nothing but tall partition panels in your existing installation. A good open concept incorporates a blend of low, medium, and tall panel heights that provide both open communication and sound barriers where needed.  Lower spine panels, usually 54” or less in height, are used to divide employees and support their surfaces in areas where communication is encouraged. If your present office furniture system incorporates tall spine panels exclusively then lower spine panels will need to be purchased. In general, your taller panels will be reconfigured as department dividers or noise barriers at department perimeters.

Workstation Benching System 09

Open Concept Work Station with Shelf as Privacy Dividers

Workstation Benching System 04

Open Work Station with Slotted Divider

Specifically, tall partition panels can be reconfigured as barriers along high traffic areas such as entrances or corridors, or parameter walls for conference and eating areas. Partition panels are required to support workstation surfaces and for that reason they will be required along building walls that host workstations. When building walls do not incorporate windows they are another good place to reconfigure tall partition panels which can be used to host electrical and data services as well as provide some acoustic suppression.

The key to re-configuring is to understand how and where we can re-use the existing system.

Collaborative workstation using existing taller systems panels for electrical/data and acoustics

Collaborative workstation using existing taller systems panels for electrical/data and acoustics.

A good use for the taller components such storage cabinets can be re-used within the station to create privacy.   Remember to keep your direct line of view between the users open by using the lower panels (48” – 54” height).  By blending the two you can usually create a marriage of the old and new and still get more openness within the area.  Small clip on desk dividers will give enough separation between the stations without having to use a full panel.  You will also save on space this way as the width of the older acoustical panel is usually in the 3” to 4” range which can use up your space whereas the clip ons do not take up the space.

Generally I would always use a new shorter panel or clip on desk tile divider to allow for a small amount of privacy as you have to have some sort of privacy within the stations.

Trendy Office Furniture being Sold in Toronto

One of our manufacturing suppliers, #Artopex is having a massive showroom sale at their #Toronto location! Renovations are on their way and the existing #officefurniture must go!!!! Amazing deals for amazing prices. Modern and trendy furniture waiting to be installed in your office!! #TorontoShowRoom 
Call us for more information : (905) 770-6866
ArtopexToronto ArtopexToronto1 ArtopexToronto2 ArtopexToronto3

Accessories | Commercial Design Control Inc.


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Footrest: Situations will arise in which a user is perfectly adjusted for keyboard use and with the monitor at a correct angle, but his/her feet do not rest flat on the floor. A footrest may be used to correct this problem.

Document Holder: Use a document holder instead of resting copy on the table top. This helps to eliminate strain and discomfort by keeping the copy close to the monitor and at the same height and distance from the users face as the screen.

Wrist Rests: Wrists should only be used to support the wrist in pauses between typing if this is comfortable for the individual. Placing the wrists on a wrist rest while typing can create a bend in the wrists and pressure on the carpal tunnel. Wrist rests should have rounded not sharp, edges and should provide a firm but soft cushion.

1. Top surface of the keyboard space bar is no higher than 2.5 inches above the work surface
2. During keyboard use, the elbow forms an angle of 90-100 with the upper arm almost vertical, the wrist is relaxed and not bent, wrist rests are available
3. If used primarily for text entry, keyboard is directly in front of the operator
4. If used primarily for data entry, keyboard is directly in front of the keying hand
5. Top of screen is at eye level or slightly lower
6. Viewing distance is 18-24 inches
7. Screen is free of glare or shadows
8. Images on the screen are sharp, easy to read and do not flicker