And here it is, another Fall Season is upon us and just like every other season, it’s time to give your office space a #SeasonalUpgrade! … No I’m not telling you to go out and spend $10,000 on brand new #OfficeFurniture but I am suggesting a few simple ways to upgrade your office for a more inviting look for the upcoming Fall season.

Warm Colours, Warm Woods, Perfect for Fall

Warm Colours, Warm Woods, Perfect for Fall

One of the easiest ways to upgrade an office is just by changing the colours.  That’s right, whether it’s the paint or the seating or the accessories, by choosing a warmer colour for the fall season it makes it much trendier.

The reason why you should do a #SeasonalUpgrade you ask?  Well, when a new client or reoccurring client comes to visit your office it’s always nice to impress, just like with your wardrobe.  In today’s work world it’s all about looks, and yes, this includes your #OfficeFurniture, that is why, here at Commercial Design Control Inc. we agree that it doesn’t hurt to add a little warmth with the upcoming fall season.


Three Woods, Different Levels, Reception Area

Another great reason to keep your office up-to-date with the trends of the season is to attract the employee-type you want to work with/for you.  If you want to have a modern style to represent you then you must show that with the office space you present to future employees.   This way you will be able to maintain a staff that you feel confident to work with.

Key Area to Update Seasonally?  In our opinion the main area within an office, to keep up to date especially with #SeasonalTrends is the #ReceptionDesk.  Why you ask?  In order to truly present a company the way you want it to be seen you must show off to the clients the second they walk in the door.  By using small accidents and feature pieces you are able to make your office #SeanalTrend ready!