Commercial Design Control specializes in providing modern, innovative office furniture and interior design to growing companies in the Toronto and GTA area.  We believe the use of bold colors, creative design and layout, along with quality office furniture products that have style and flare, will create a modern office that flows and leaves a lasting impression for your employees and visiting guests.

Happy employees tend to be more productive, and have a higher respect for the fact that you, as their employer care enough about them to create a pleasant and updated working environment.  This means a lot when you have to spend 8 to 10 hours a day sitting in the same spot, day after day.

I can only say that working in an old outdated office, is like living in a run down house with old outdated appliances (that work some of the time), floors that creak and tend to leave the table slightly tilted, and windows that are constantly cold and drafty.  If you could give your employee the option of returning at night to the run down shack, or you could send them to a brand new or recently updated house with good quality upgraded washrooms, heated floors, appliances from the next century and a bed that would be like a little slice of heaven, which do you think they would choose and be happier with.  Which one do you think they would prefer to go home to at night?  I thought so!  Now imagine how this feeling applies to their working hours on your payroll.

So we are here for the employees in those offices, as well as their managers, bosses or owners to discuss ways that you can have a little slice of heaven while spending your 8 to 10 hours a day while at work. It won’t cost as much as you think, but it will pay back ten fold in ways you won’t even imagine.

So join us often, we will promise to keep you updated on what is the office of the future.

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