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Workstation design & layout should accommodate several factors:
Workstation Height: Correct work station height depends upon the user of a work station and upon the chair and other factors that interact with the user and table. The ideal is for the user to be able to sit at the work station with the keyboard in place and be able to easily maintain a 90-100 degree elbow angle and straight wrists while keying. The height of an adjustable keyboard support should adjust between 23″ and 28″ to accommodate most-but not all-users. 26″ is a recommended compromise position while leg clearance must still be considered.
Leg Room: Knee spaces should allow a worker to feel uncrowded and to allow some changes of position even with the keyboard support lowered to the correct level for use. The knee space should be at least 30″ wide by 19″deep by 27″ high to comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. For those using a footrest, clearance must be calculated with the legs in place on the footrest. Likewise, depth of the “clearance envelope” for both legs and toes should be evaluated while the workstation user is in a normal working position at the work station (determined by the design of the seating system and the way the user sits). Drawers and support legs (for furniture) should not go where human legs need to fit.
Workstation Surface: The workstation top should be big enough to allow space not only for all computer-related necessary equipment, but also for paperwork, books, and other materials needed while working at the computer. Working with materials on chairs and at odd angles has the potential for neck and other body strain. Frequently used items should be kept close to avoid long reaches. A general recommendation is that the work area top should be at least as big as the standard office desk – 30 inches by 60 inches. A depth of at least 30 inches allows flexibility in use/reuse of the work area. Usable space may be maximized by good wire/cable management.




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Chairs should be designed to adjust for and accommodate several factors:
Seat Height: Seat height should be pneumatically adjusted while seated. A range of 16 – 20.5 inches off the floor should accommodate most users. Thighs should be horizontal, lower legs vertical, feet flat on the floor or on a footrest. Seat height should also allow a 90 degree angle at the elbows for typing.

Seat Width and Depth: A seat width of 17-20 inches suffices for most people and should be deep enough to permit the back to contact the lumbar backrest without cutting into the backs of knees. The front edge should be rounded and padded. The seat slant should be adjustable (0 to 10 degrees). Avoid bucket-type seats. The seat should swivel easily.

Backrest: The backrest should offer firm support, especially in the lumbar (lower back) region, should be 12-19 inches wide, and should be easily adjustable both in angle and height, while sitting. The optimum angle between seat and back should permit a working posture of at least 90 degrees between the spine and thighs. Seat pan angle and backrest height and angle should be coordinated to allow for the most comfortable weight load on the spinal column.

Seat Material: A chair seat and back should be padded enough to allow comfortable circulation. If a seat is too soft, the muscles must always adjust to maintain a steady posture, causing strain and fatigue. The seat fabric should “breathe” to allow air circulation through clothes to the skin.

Armrests: Armrests are optional, depending on user preference and task performed. They should not restrict movement or impede the worker’s ability to get close enough to the work surface. The worker should not rest his or her forearms while keying.

1. Chair has wheels or castors suitable for the floor surface
2. Chair swivels
3. Backrest is adjustable for both height and angle
4. Backrest supports the inward curve of the lower back
5. Chair height is appropriate for the individual & the work surface height
6. Chair is adjusted so there is no pressure on the backs of the legs, and feet are flat on
the floor or on a foot rest
7. Chair is adjustable from the sitting position
8. Chair upholstery is a breathable fabric
9. Footrests are used if feet do not rest flat on the floor



Ergonomics in the Workplace | Commercial Design Control Inc.


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ergonomics-desktopWhat is Ergonomics?
Ergonomics is a word used to describe improving the productivity, health, safety and comfort of people, as well as promoting effective interaction among people, technology and the environment in which both must operate. It has become a concern for most employers and a subject we must all now address.

Who is Responsible?
Employers are responsible to provide a safe and effective workspace. Companies are now being encouraged to purchase adjustable furniture for the reasonable accommodation of users.

Purpose of Ergonomic Furniture
Ergonomic furniture should be designed to facilitate task performance, minimize fatigue and injury by fitting equipment to the body size, strength and range of motion of the user.
Office furnishings designed for ergonomics have adjustable components that enable the user to modify the workstation to accommodate different physical dimensions and the requirements of the job. Ergonomically designed furniture can reduce pain and injury, increase productivity, improve morale, and decrease complaints. Furnishings and equipment should be sized to fit the individual user.

The purchase of furniture should be task specific to eliminate:
Static or awkward posture – Repetitive motion – Poor access or inadequate clearance and excessive reach – Display screens difficult to read – Controls that are confusing to operate or require too much force
Therefore, your furniture should be suitable for the types of tasks performed and be adaptable to multi-purpose use.

Recommendations by:
Commercial Design Control Inc.
If you are unsure about the ergonomics in your workspace, just ask us to evaluate your existing stations. Setting up an ergonomic friendly workspace will pay off with better productivity and a happier employee with less absenteeism.




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Jazz greenCommercial Design Control Inc. offers an amazing Office Guest Chair for $99.00!!!

Office workstation deals do not come along every day, so when you see one that is really good, take advantage of it! Jump on it quick!

Commercial Design Control Inc. has a vast array of office guest chairs and office task seating that we put on as a special of the month. We usually like to source out an office guest chair that has a modern feel that could be placed in front of any style of modern office desk, reception area or board room table.

We suggest using a solid fixed base for an office guest or lounge chair … either sled base or post leg so the chair cannot be moved easily. It is nice to have the chairs positioned in their spots so that when someone comes in to sit down, the chair is roughly where it should be and does not have to be moved back into position when your guest needs a seat.

BMO 2 - Ambient

Many of the office guest chairs have a coordinating office task chair so the look of the task and the guest are matching in terms of style on the seat and back.

Using a vinyl or leather on the office guest chair seat will lend to an easy clean up should spills or soils occur on the seat. If you are looking for a modern look for your offices a mesh back is nice and keeps the look of the chairs open and airy.1046824.D


This month Commercial Design Control Inc. is offering the Arc Guest chair which has a sled base chrome frame, mesh back and faux leather seat for an amazing price of $99.00 each while supplies last. This same chair would normally sell at Commercial Design Control Inc. for $249.00 each. This truly is a fantastic deal at $99.00.





Watch for more specials from Commercial Design Control Inc. as we continue to offer more office furniture products on our monthly specials!


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Modular training tables for meeting and collaboration

How does a company find a good modular table?  To start with, the table should be easy to fold, to turn, to push and to pull.  It should have a good strong leg with a cast iron or steel welded base.  I usually recommend doing one side with locking casters and the other side with a fixed adjustable post.  That way the table does not move until you are ready to move it.  The problem with both sides having casters is that often people forget to lock the casters causing the table to roll around when pushed.

Measure your room to see what really fits.  Make sure you have enough space to walk behind each chair even if the chair is pulled out from the table.  There is nothing worse that trying to squeeze out of a meeting and creating a big ruckus as you are leaving.

Also make sure you have a side table for a room phone or for serving coffee or food during the meeting.  That way your table remain clean and ready for the next meeting.


Modular Tables – Training Room

Modular Tables – Meeting Room

Modular Tables – White

Modular Tables

Trendy Workstations | Commercial Design Control Inc.


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Concourse 1Young, hip and trendy that’s how I describe Tayco’s UP series.

With UP possibilities are endless.

UP gives you the freedom to configure, go in any direction, height or leave space for any future planning. It literally simplifies the space planning and has smaller footprint than the traditional panel system. It’s simple and clean lines has universal appeal which is liked by every generation.


UP’s adaptability and simplicity shows in every area; workstations, cubical reception or boardroom. All parts and components blend seamlessly providing extreme flexibility and functionality in a workplace. With its stackable posts and freestanding applications downsizing or growth is not a problem.

Concourse 2

Its mobile screens help promote meeting sessions and power and data provides slim profile that adapts well to the future facilitation of utilities within raised floor infrastructures. Accessories like identification signs, coat hooks, work organizers and mounted magnetic whiteboard are the little details which make this series attractive giving an identity of its own to each workspace.

UP series sleek and modern look provides functionality, continuity and flow from one workspace to another making it a perfect blend of simplicity and flexibility.



Modern Office Furniture Executive | Commercial Design Control Inc.


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Whether you are seeking functional, luxurious or minimalistic, our manufacturers understand and appreciate all levels of taste when it comes to buying modern executive office furniture.

From the warmth of real wood, to the highly developed laminates of today, we can show you how to achieve the look of your imagination.

We take the time to review your storage needs, your office size and develop the office suite that suites your style.  Modern or traditional we can recommend the layout that works with your budget.

Look for trends in multi-coloured suites using wood, soft touch leather and glass to unite in the statement of success. Sleek lines and slim profiles are seen for a minimalistic look. Light and dark colors blended with brushed chrome hardware to make a unique and individualized presentation for success.

Best Office Chairs on a Budget | Commercial Design Control Inc.


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3121-25_front5500_frontPeople ask us what we think is the best office chair when you are starting your company and budget is a great consideration. My answer is “one that is comfortable to the majority of the users and fits your style in terms of looks and budget”. 🙂

There are so many chairs available that it becomes mind boggling trying to seat an entire office with just one chair. Price is always a big factor, so you want to get something that will work and be comfortable as well as not break the bank.

First you should to consider if there are any specific ergonomic needs in your group such as wrist, back or hip problems. Are your users mostly men or woman or a mix? What are the job functions of your users? Do they sit and work at a computer all day, or are they walking around the office a lot and occasionally need to relax in a stretching position? These are a few of the many factors you need to think about when you are picking a single chair for many users.

To help with your decision, we at Commercial Design Control Inc. have come up with two chairs that we call the “one size fits all”.

When using these chairs, you can be quite confident that you will be please the majority of the population in your office. Special needs aside, these chairs are supportive and cover the basic ergonomic functions with a price that is easy to handle.

I like to use a Manager’s chair style that doubles as a board room/conference room chair, and a good task chair to serve your users in admin, sales, customer service and accounting. Here are two chair models that will get you started.

 5500_front3121-25_frontCDC – 5500 Task Chair – Mesh Back
Price $189.00 per chair

Performance Rating:

CDC – 3121 – Mid Back Chair

Price $ 179.00 per chair

Performance Rating:
“Comfort level high”

Model CDC – 5500 has a thick padded seat and breathable black mesh back for a high tech style, comfort and durability.

Model CDC – 3121 is a mid-back ergonomic chair with a molded foam seat and back with plastic back guard protecting against walls and sharp edges. This chair is more geared towards traditional comfort and excellent for a Manager’s office or Board Room space.

Chair models include the following:

Lumbar Support
Lumbar support provides support to the lower back.

Height Adjustment
Pneumatic seat height adjustment personalizes the height of the chair.

Synchro Tilt
2-to-1 synchro tilter reclines while keeping the seat cushion level.

Adjustable Arms
Adjustable arms for raising and lowering arm heights

Base and Wheels
Heavy duty nylon base and dual wheel carpet friendly casters

Warranty – 15 years warranty on all non-moving metal parts, 2 years on components parts and 3 years warranty on upholstery fabric and foam makes them one of the best chairs out there.

These are two chairs that will cover your most basic needs, however we suggest looking at our website for more ideas of recommended seating and how to select a chair that will work for your office.